Testing the Bready concept for Nutella

Nutella is the world-famous sweetened hazelnut chocolate spread manufactured by the Italian company Ferrero. It was introduced in Belgium in 1965 and its popularity grew steadily over the years – being today the number one selling of its kind. In order to gain new consumers, increase loyalty and new spend amongst current consumers, Ferrero wants to introduce a new Nutella-based product – the Bready.
So to maximize product impact in Belgium, Ferrero came up with two concepts, respectively around the breakfast occasion, and the mid-morning snack. Following up on a study which did not indicate a clear winner between the two, and suggested some room for improvement, InSites Consulting came on board to evaluate both concepts and the Bready product itself.

What did we do?

We conducted this study in different stages, alternating between qualitative and quantitative modules so to maximize consecutive learning. We first reached out to members of our online research panel with a standard screening and concept questionnaire. Those who were positive or neutral towards the concepts and were willing to try out the product were then invited to an in-home test period.
For about two weeks, these consumers tried out the Nutella Bready in their own environment, while registering their experience on a web-platform. The Bready team reworked the concepts based on consumer feedback and InSites’ recommendations. After the in-home test, we invited all users to a closing online survey so to validate qualitative findings and evaluate the reworked breakfast concept positioning.
Ferrero Nutella Bready community

The results

Our deep dive target group immersion helped the Bready team to refine and validate the breakfast and mid morning concepts, allowing for a deeper understanding of its core strengths and the more superfluous elements. Overall, the Bready product came out a clear winner: appealing and driving purchase (top 20% Food benchmark database). 2 out of 5 consumers say it even surpasses initial expectations! Bready appeal relies on the healthy and soothing look and, mostly, on its link to Nutella. The authentic Nutella chocolate paste is highly appreciated & definitely the star of the company!
In addition, the concepts themselves resonated as promising frames to make the most of the product. Consumers who are exposed to (any of) the concepts enjoy more the product, as they get to perceive it as either the self-indulgent treat, or the boost of energy that helps you through the day. That way, the perfect snack, no matter the time of day.