Co-creating a new glass hallmark for people and planet

FEVE is the Federation of European manufacturers of glass containers for food and beverage and flacons for perfumery, cosmetics and pharmacy markets. As part of their mission, they help promote the benefits of glass packaging through initiatives aiming at building partnerships with the value chain, consumers, NGOs and other stakeholders.

For the past 10 years, we have been supporting FEVE in their mission, through several European-wide research studies measuring consumer attitudes towards, and usage and recycling of various packaging materials. At the end of 2019, FEVE asked us to support them in their quest to create an international hallmark to promote the key benefits of glass packaging. Our role: introducing the consumer component in a multi-stakeholder co-creation process.

The hallmark creation journey

Fueled by strong consumer insights from our previous years of packaging research as well as industry insights from FEVE members and customers, FEVE identified the key assets the hallmark needed to communicate on; they developed some first hallmark ideas with the help of a creative agency. However, they wanted consumers to be directly included in this process and contribute to the creation of the hallmark.

Naturally for this task, we needed some truly creative consumers to come up with original ideas – enter eÿeka: our creative crowdsourcing network that gathers +400,000 creative minds across the globe.

We challenged them to come up with a hallmark design that communicated the key assets of glass packaging – safe, not interacting with the content, and 100% recyclable in an endless loop. Within just 12 days, we received 130 ideas from 38 countries.

To close the collaboration loop, we took these ideas back to the industry and to consumers. Together with FEVE and its members, we curated the ideas through two voting rounds (one with FEVE members and one with our eÿeka creatives), narrowing down the 130 ideas to three top designs. These were then tested, alongside the creative agency’s original ideas, in a survey with 2,500 consumers across five European markets, assessing their ability to communicate the right message and assets of glass packaging. Consumers rated the hallmarks generated by the eÿeka network higher across most KPIs. FEVE also crosschecked the top-scoring hallmarks with the food & drink packaging industry, ultimately selecting the winning hallmark from the eÿeka generated ideas.

Unveiling the hallmark

After trademarking the hallmark in fall 2020, FEVE launched it to the industry via an online event on November 24,2020.

The journey to building this hallmark is a great example of collaboration and co-creation between an industry, its customers (brands), the end consumers, and creatives, showing how to generate better ideas and output. We’re proud to have been part of it, and we can’t wait to see the hallmark on the shelves!

 “Working together on the hallmark with the eÿeka platform, consumers & brands was so insightful and new for us! At the end, when we chose the final design, we were already sure it would work because we had gone through such a large collaboration and scrutiny process! If we have the opportunity, we will surely invest again in such an approach for the realization of new projects.”

Michael Delle Selve, Senior Communications Manager at FEVE

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