InSites Consulting acquires cultural and creative consultancy Space Doctors

InSites Consulting acquires cultural and creative consultancy Space Doctors

To address the growing client demand for cultural insight and semiotics, we’re excited to announce the acquisition of Space Doctors, a culture-led brand consultancy. By joining forces, we build an extended and complimentary offering in strategic brand and business transformation (strengthened by our current Culture + Trends capability).

Meet Space Doctors

Space Doctors was founded in 2001 by Fiona McNae. It is a globally recognized expert in strategic cultural and semiotic insights for brands. The consultancy comprises an in-house expert team (located in Brighton, London and Singapore), and a global expert network (semioticians, anthropologists, ethnographers, designers…).

Combined with their proprietary Collaborative Intelligence approach, which uses social and text analytics to track cultural impact for brands at scale, Space Doctors provides meaningful futures for brands and organizations such as Microsoft, P&G, PepsiCo, Reckitt, VF and Viacom.

Towards strategic brand and business transformation

With this latest acquisition in our buy-and-build strategy, we take a major leap in broadening our capabilities, transcending consumer insight consulting to strategic brand transformation.

Kristof De Wulf
With an ever-accelerating changing environment in which our global clients operate, it has never been more important to anticipate and respond to change from a strategic brand perspective. Needless to say, COVID-19 has turned the world upside down, but the strategic agenda of global brands is also being defined by topics such as changing expectations of new consumer generations, or the pressing need to act more sustainably. With Space Doctors joining our ranks, we are in a stronger position to help global brands create a more sustainable future for themselves and their environment.”

Kristof De Wulf, co-founder and CEO of InSites Consulting

Joining forces with Culture + Trends

Culture + Trends, originally developed by Join the Dots (acquired in July 2019), is based on a Human Drivers model, a framework rooted in positive psychology. Our Culture + Trends capability is highly complementary to Space Doctors’ approach, as it combines in-house trend analysis by an awarded specialist team with our proprietary Illume Network of leading-edge consumers rooted in local cultures, relying on semiotics and social intelligence.

Following the acquisition of Space Doctors, we will build one global expert team of strategists, cultural insight specialists, design experts and marketing scientists. This newly installed team will support our client service teams (now active in 5 regions, in 18 offices and 7 partner hubs), offering a broader set of solutions to support our clients in building meaningful and sustainable futures for brands.

Fiona McNae of Space Doctors
Creating a new global strategic Brand Transformation Consultancy with InSites Consulting is a hugely exciting opportunity. We will bring our unique blend of expertise in cultural and semiotic insight, brand consultancy and creative strategy to the InSites Consulting client teams and the global office infrastructure. We will also realize exciting synergies between our insight methods and those of the talented Culture + Trends team and the Illume Network of culturally creative consumers. And we will continue to place social and environmental responsibility at the heart of our work together. We are delighted to be part of this new adventure to build sustainable, meaningful and impactful futures for brands.

Dr. Fiona McNae, co-founder and CEO of Space Doctors

Niels Schillewaert
If companies want to be truly consumer-centric, they need to profoundly understand human behavior, meaning and cultures. Combining InSites Consulting’s primary research methods with Space Doctors’ methods and models allows drawing together ‘insight’, ‘strategy’ and ‘creative’. We all know that insight departments need to lead business strategy, innovation, brand (re)positioning and even foresighting to remain relevant. The high-end capabilities of Space Doctors will allow us to do exactly that!

Prof. Dr. Niels Schillewaert, Head of Solutions at InSites Consulting

The future is green

Space Doctors is the first Certified B Corporation to join us; this signals the start of our journey to place environmental and socially progressive thinking at the heart of the business.

Stay tuned, as we’ll be sharing more details in January on our integrated brand and business transformation offer, and what it can mean for your brand!

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