Mastering Consumer Centricity: Getting to great insights

Consumer Centricity Academy Module 3: Insights

I take it many of you are familiar with the classic book by Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. As you may recall, the kids in this story are feverishly hunting for one of the few Golden Tickets to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Although the search for great consumer insights might not be as extreme as the hunt for these golden tickets, it is by no means an easy task.

So, how can you address this? In this third miniblog of our Consumer Centricity Academy series, we introduce Module 3 – Insights.

Module 3: Insights

How do you or your colleagues define a consumer or customer insight? Different people and functions will quite possibly provide different answers! It’s clear that there are multiple ways in our industry to talk about or define an insight.

We see too many cases of observations or facts ‘dressing themselves up’ as a real customer or consumer insight. Until we truly understand why humans do what they do, we cannot hope to solve their issues or meet their aspirations in a meaningful way. We risk creating solutions to problems that are not fully understood. Even a dictionary describes an insight with phrases such as intuitive understanding and underlying truth, which suggests we need to dig beyond surface-level observations or facts (and yes, even beyond big data!).

Module 3 of our Consumer Centricity Academy is all about getting to great insights, and consists of four phases:

  1. What is an insight
    What are the common elements of a great insight? And equally important, what is NOT an insight? And how do you choose the right insights for your business to activate?
  1. Data sources
    Great insights are based on relevant observations. But what makes a good observation, and how do you get to that.
  1. How to get to insights
    Techniques to find great insights that are relevant, fresh and exciting for consumers and help to gain a competitive advantage.
  1. Business case
    Apply the knowledge to a specific business challenge you are facing, with the help and support of our consultants.
The insight formula

Even the cool kids love insights

In the ‘Insights‘ module, we present our very own InSites Consulting formula for an insight, which is set up through a reflection on all the things an insight is NOT. We introduce the notion of emotional motivation. Is your insight referring to a scenario that your customer is truly motivated to hand over hard-earned cash to solve?

You will discover how inspiring tech companies like Dyson, Netflix and Spotify also place consumer insights at the heart of their product propositions, as well as tips on how to choose which insights are the right ones for your business or brand to activate.

This blogpost is part of a miniseries on the 4 modules of our Consumer Centricity Academy.
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