Mastering Consumer Centricity: Insight Activation

Consumer Centricity Academy Module 4: Activate

Improperly leveraged great insights form one of the pain points in our industry. Consumer insights are often locked up in PowerPoint cages or dusty old knowledge-management systems. And at a higher level, they fail to drive meaningful business actions that actually lead to superior innovations, brand actions and communication.

So, how do we make sure all the blood, sweat and dollars that went into finding and writing a great insight are not wasted? In this final episode on our Consumer Centricity Academy, we introduce the fourth and final module – Activate.

Module 4: Activate

Did you know that in any given research presentation, it is recommended to spend only 1/3rd of your time effectively presenting data? Experiencing the data first-hand and discussing implications are equally important.

And did you also know that your brain only thinks something is a habit once you have done it 21 times in a row? Working with insights is no exception!

In the end, increasing insight impact is about a measured approach of presentation and deployment skills, creating habits around insight sharing, and utilizing smart tech to help insights flow better in your organization.

Our final module is all about bringing consumer insights to life, and is built around three distinct phases:

  1. Ideation workshop
    Learn how to use insights to generate actionable product or service ideas. While many ideation sessions are ineffective due to conservative or fear-fueled approaches, we employ a clear and actionable step-by-step approach.
  1. Concept-writing workshop
    Concepts often suffer from a lack of simplicity, consumer language and clear and relevant benefits/ reasons to believe (RTBs). Learn how to create concepts based on strong insights.
  1. From insights to behavior
    Learn the basics of behavioral economics and how to drive actual change in consumer behavior.

Tom De Ruyck, our Consumer Centricity Academy professor, explains more about what our Module 4 has in store for you.

This blogpost is part of a miniseries on the 4 modules of our Consumer Centricity Academy.
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