Meet the Insight Activation Studio

We strongly believe that consumer insights have not reached their full potential in terms of ROI. Based on our interviews with clients, the Market Research Impact Study and internal engagement projects we did with Unilever R&D, ATAG and De Lijn, we’ve identified a recipe for success to create a positive business impact with consumer insights. To enable the insight professional of tomorrow to do this in an efficient yet effective way, we developed a mobile collaboration platform, called the Insight Activation Studio. This is a scalable solution for insight managers so they can establish the memefication of research in their organizations and create engaging experiences, across the organization in a structural way.

How does it work?

The Studio connects and empowers internal stakeholders to share inspiring observations and take action together. This mobile application, that is fully responsive, consists of several Inspiration Walls, where each wall starts from an insight platform that uncovers a consumer friction, emotion or unmet need. Employees are prompted to add their own Inspiration Tiles of these walls through observations and ideas by posting photos, videos and stories. They interact and shape the Inspiration Tiles of their colleagues through comments and likes.
Insight Activation Studio
This mobile platform helps the insight professional to combine the 4 building blocks of marketing insights in an efficient way. By challenging employees to share their inspirations, we harvest their consumer knowledge. By opening an Inspiration Wall, we seed new consumer insights with the relevant team(s). By activating employees to share observations and ideas on the go, we prompt them to interact with insights. Finally, by sharing, enabling commenting and feedback, we enable them to collaborate and work together to shape outcomes.

What does it bring?

Just like any technology, the Insight Activation Studio brings automational, informational and transformational value for the insight professional

1. Automational – Faster sharing of insights

There is a reduction of manual efforts in spreading & seeding insights with more, relevant stakeholders, leading to more and faster decision making at the same or lower level of costs.

2. Informational – Higher ROI of consumer insights

The Studio enables internal stakeholders to spot, share and shape inspirations on the go. The more inspirations are posted on an Inspiration Wall, and the more feedback an inspiration will receive, the richer the insight will get. Furthermore, all these interactions also create a deeper understanding of the insight. In turn, the company has access to richer, more relevant, authentic ideas which are closer to the reality of the business world, encouraging employees to take action to make better decisions.

3. Transformational – Consumer-activated culture

By connecting the whole organization with the consumer, the Studio influences employees’ day-to-day behavior, helps to collect ideas from the whole organization and transforms the organization towards an innovation and consumer-centric culture.

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