Assessing the value of a Pinterest strategy for DIESEL

DIESEL is an Italian design company. It is best known for high end prêt-à-porter clothing aimed at the young adult market. Early 2013, the growing popularity of Pinterest brought DIESEL to the development of a digital strategy for this platform. But how estimate the starting value of a social media channel? And how determine the most engaging content? InSites Consulting & DIESEL joined forces in an innovative research project using the power of images.

What did we do?

We used a hybrid methodology, consisting of 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: Social media monitoring: collecting behavioral data on Pinterest
  • Phase 2: Social media netnography: creating digital personae on current Pinterest content
  • Phase 3: Activation mapping: getting insights in digital engagement via an enriched survey

The results were presented through a research art exhibition to ensure the findings could be maximally leveraged into action.
DIESEL art exhibition

The results

After 4 weeks of implementing the new digital strategy, a very clear uptake was noticed on all major KPIs.

  • The follower base of Diesel increased by 25%
  • The number of repins increased by no less than 41%
  • 55% indicated that the new content stimulated them to talk about DIESEL offline

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