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2022 Trends in Media & Entertainment

2022 Trends in Media & Entertainment

Written by Marcello Garritano / Kate Rhodes

As people increasingly ‘rebound and rebalance’ and reclaim their lives, the Media & Entertainment sector is also expected to bounce back. This blogpost zooms in on three key trends this sector in 2022.

2022 Trends in Travel & Tourism

2022 Trends in Travel & Tourism

Written by Jazz Ocfemia / Kate Rhodes

The past two years made people stay put, work from home, and shelve any travel plans. Entering 2022, we see people ‘rebound and rebalance’. In this last blogpost in a series of five, we’ll dive into three trends in travel and tourism to keep an eye out for.

2022 Consumer Trends Report

Defining the 2022 consumer – a trend report

Written by Kate Rhodes

Through the foresight of our leading-edge consumer network, we’ve identified the trends in consumer behavior that are manifesting as we speak, and we quantified them with 15,000+ everyday consumers around the world to understand their relevance. Read on and discover how to activate these trends for your brand.