2022 Trends in Travel & Tourism

2022 Trends in Travel & Tourism

In the backdrop of the pandemic, people are reclaiming their lives, also when it comes to travel and tourism. The past two years made people stay put, work from home, and shelve any travel plans. Entering 2022, we see people ‘rebound and rebalance’, which is also the theme of our 2022 Consumers Trends Report capturing ten trends for the year to come.

So, what trends are shaping consumers and brands? In this last blogpost in a series of five, we’ll dive into three trends in travel and tourism to keep an eye out for.

Sensory Stimulations

Tired of superficial and often unrealistic gimmicks that help us escape the current reality, we want to experience life at its fullest. Sensory Stimulations is all about those subtle digital enhancements that stimulate our senses and allow us to re-engage with the real world around us. While the trend, with a global trend score of 66%, is still nascent in Europe, it is expanding among consumers in Asia, who are leading the way in terms of technology. It is definitely a trend which will gain momentum in the year to come, and it could be a true game changer for brands in the travel and tourism sector.

Taking the ‘virtual art’ experience to the next level, Atelier Des Lumières in Paris immerses its visitors in each artist’s universe through digital art, sound, light and fragrance, an experience that awakens not just vision but all the senses.

Considered Rituals

Heathrow Express, the train transferring people from London centre to Heathrow Airport, recently launched the ‘Tranquil Train’ initiative to calm passengers and help them relax as they return to travelling following the COVID-19 pandemic. Passengers are treated to 12-minute ‘seat-yoga’ and meditation sessions. The class has been developed so travellers of all ages and abilities can perform the exercises safely from their seats.

With this initiative, the train operator is tapping into the trend Considered Rituals. This trend is the highest scoring of all those identified in our report, with a global score of 84%. It originates from the tension between the dwindling culture of self-optimization, and the heightening social pressure to succeed. This tension creates a need to meet goals that mirror our own internal rhythms, cycles and moods. Initiatives like the ‘Tranquil Train’ are supporting people on self-improvement journeys by offering a space to better understand what our minds and bodies need.

Young woman laptop digital nomad

Non-Linear Lifestyles

Another important trend in this year’s report, with a global score of 80%, is ‘Non-Linear Lifestyles’. People around the globe are ripping up the life-stage rule book and re-evaluate the roles and systems imposed by society. From unconventional career pivots to retirees moving into city centre hubs, life paths will no longer be defined by age.

Ahead of the curve and inspired by the home-working trend which started during the pandemic, Roam facilitated remote working in six funky/ exotic communities (San Francisco, Ubud, Miami, London, Tokyo, and Manhattan). Yet, leasing in expensive cities combined with the pandemic caused financial challenges for the brand. At the moment, the team is taking some time off and converting the idea of Roam into a broadly owned real-estate company. Yet, digital nomads can still book their former buildings and locations via its partners.

Inspired by these trends but not sure what to do next?
Check out our blogpost on three ways to take trends forward for actionable next steps. 



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2022 Consumer Trends Report

2022 Consumer Trends report

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