2022 Trends in Media & Entertainment

2022 Trends in Media & Entertainment

Are you keen to go back to the movies, or do you stick to your pandemic ‘Netflix from the comfort of your home’ habit? And what about amusement parks, live concerts, and sports events? As people increasingly ‘rebound and rebalance’ and reclaim their lives, the Media & Entertainment sector is also expected to bounce back. Rebound and Rebalance is also the theme of our 2022 Consumer Trends Report which outlines 10 consumers trends that will shape the year to come.

This third blogpost in a series of five zooms in on three key trends for the media and entertainment sector in 2022.

Sensory Stimulation

Tired of superficial and often unrealistic gimmicks that help us escape the current reality, we want to experience life at its fullest. People want subtle digital enhancements that stimulate the senses and allow us to re-engage with the real world around us. We want ‘Sensory Stimulation’! With a global trend score of 66%, this is a nascent trend in most markets, providing ample opportunity for brands to offer multi-sensorial features that make experiences more interesting.

When thinking about entertainment, art museums are successfully tapping into this trend. Seismique in Houston, for instance, is a 40,000 ft² interactive experience with immersive exhibits and stunning displays. It’s designed to entertain and stimulate the visitors’ senses.

Inclusive Connectivity

Our ways of connecting are diversifying, both in the workplace and socially, and should accommodate the needs of all. We may be apart physically, but that should not impact anyone’s experience. No-one should be left behind. This trend which we label as ‘Inclusive Connectivity’ has a global trend score of 72%.

Brands can facilitate Inclusive Connectivity by creating collaborative virtual spaces, (video) streaming, or initiatives for people to feel a strong sense of belonging in the moment, even while physically apart.

In the US, Cripple Media is the first media company run by and for young disabled creatives calling for greater accessibility and representation in tech for teens with disabilities. At 15, founder Emily Flores launched the brand to give space to young disabled people to write opinions and share experiences.

Also, creating a more inclusive metaverse is high on the agenda. LA-based company DNABlock makes it easier for creators to build high-quality 3D avatars that reflect diversity. They just received $1.2 million funds from Japanese mobile/ internet/ finance player Softbank. Softbank is also investing in the South Korean mobile metaverse app Zepeto – which has 2 million active daily-user base in Asia, 70% of whom are female and Gen Z.

Considered Rituals

The self-optimization culture is slowing down but the cultural expectation to succeed still exists. To overcome this tension in the future, we’ll still strive to meet goals, but we will increasingly set habits that mirror our own internal rhythms, cycles, and mood. This is what we label as ‘Considered rituals’, an expanding trend with a global trend score of 84%. Brands can support self-improvement journeys by helping consumers better understand themselves and what their bodies and minds need, to inspire ‘Considered Rituals’.

Blending media and entertainment with well-being, TikTok recently launched it in-app Singapore Wellness Hub, a one-stop repository for mental health and wellness resources. The hub offers users a safe space to share their personal experiences, find (communities of) support, and access resources, including non-profit organisations and helplines. Another example is Sundayy, a social network designed to be used less frequently but more mindfully. The idea is that you check the platform once a week – on Sunday – and only share what matters with the people that matter.

Inspired by these trends but not sure what to do next?
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2022 Consumer Trends Report

2022 Consumer Trends report

As experts in people-centric future thinking, we identified 10 consumer trends for 2022, and we validated these with 15,000 consumers in 17 markets around the globe. This report shows the emerging trends that are shaping the 2022 consumer.

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