A podcast primer

InSites Consulting podcast

Podcasts are just on-demand audio (video podcasts also exist, but let’s not complicate things). Just think of it like Netflix for radio. The content can be almost anything: news, music, interviews and can range from amazing, professionally-produced stories about rural life, to unscripted chats critiquing every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

When and how do I listen?

Podcasts are best on the go. The great thing about audio is that you can listen while doing something else – commuting, working out, cooking dinner… everyone has some time in their life when listening is easy.

To listen on the go you need a podcast app. This will allow you to subscribe to our show (or any other ) so new episodes are downloaded automatically when you’re on wifi and old episodes are deleted as soon as you’re finished listening. That way you don’t take up precious space on your phone or unnecessarily eat through mobile data.

If you have an Apple device, congrats! you likely already have a podcast app. Just search your phone or iPad. If you have an Android or Windows device, you’ll have to download an app. A few of our favorites are CastBoxPodcast Addict, and Podcast Republic – but there are plenty to choose from. Once you have the app just search for the show and click “subscribe.” You can go through your settings to decide the maximum number of episodes to keep, whether you want to only download on Wi-Fi etc.

To listen on a desktop, iTunes is best. For our show, you can also just stream the episode straight from our website, but I definitely suggest trying it on the go.

Why listen

There is something magic about great audio that lets you become immersed in a story in a way you don’t often get to experience. But beyond this, the convenience is hard to beat. Most of us have hectic lives with too little time to learn and reflect. Podcasting is a great way to do that. But don’t take my word for it, give it a try.

Enjoy your newfound world of podcasts! And why not tune in for our podcast series?