Market research is about people and people all have stories to tell. We want to tell those stories.

Introducing our podcast series exploring the industry built around understanding people’s motivations. We’re talking to clients, researchers, academics – anyone with a story to tell about market research. Because the best research is all about storytelling.

Podcast Auden on Responsible Financing

E8 – Auden x Responsible Financing

While for many of us finance is part of the background noise of everyday life, large portions of society are living in precarious financial situations. COVID-19 exacerbated these social disparities and underlined the need for better support for such underserved communities.

SkyTeam x Experience Marketing - podcast

E7 – SkyTeam x Experience Marketing

When we think about brands, we generally think about whatever it is they sell. Disney sells entertainment, McDonald’s sells fast food. Tune to learn more on the growing role of experiences for brand success.

Var x Sonic Branding - podcast by InSites Consulting

E6 – Var x Sonic Branding

What does your brand sound like? Our previous podcast episode talked about distinctive assets, those brand identifiers that are easily recognizable…

Duvel x Distinctive Assets - podcast by InSites Consulting

E5 – Duvel x Distinctive Assets

What brand comes to mind when… you see two golden arches? When you see a pair of sneakers with a…

Podcast by InSites Consulting

E4 – The Creativity Gap

There’s one skill that is sought out by employers more than any other. It’s a skill that companies feel they…

Podcast by InSites Consulting

E3 – Innovation Envy

Innovation has always been one of the big engines for business growth and for getting ahead of one’s competitors. Fueling…

Podcast by InSites Consulting

E2 – Rumor has it

Many people are understandably suspicious of marketing. Not only are more and more brands screaming for our attention, cluttering the…

InSites Consulting podcast - episode 1

E1 – Is marketing research a dying horse?

What makes people tick? Why do people buy what they buy? How (and why) do people choose certain products over…

InSites Consulting podcast

A podcast primer

Podcasts are just on-demand audio (video podcasts also exist, but let’s not complicate things). Just think of it like Netflix for…