E6 – Var x Sonic Branding

Var x Sonic Branding - podcast by InSites Consulting

What does your brand sound like? Our previous podcast episode talked about distinctive assets, those brand identifiers that are easily recognizable to consumers. We focused on visual assets – logos, labels, mascots – that help bring the brand to mind when seen.

But sound can also be a powerful distinctive asset. We often don’t realize how just a few seconds of sound can tell us we have to get to work, remind us where we can go to eat, suggest entertainment options…

In this new episode, we’re talking about a question many marketers or brand owners have never asked themselves: “What does my brand sound like?”.

We zoom in on the sonic layer of distinctive brand assets, also labeled ‘sonic branding’. We talk about the power of sound in marketing with Dirk Soetens. Dirk is sonic branding expert at Var, the media sales house behind the major public broadcaster in Belgium.