E7 - SkyTeam x Experience Marketing

SkyTeam x Experience Marketing - podcast

When we think about brands, we generally think about whatever it is they sell. Apple sells phones and computers, Disney sells entertainment, McDonald’s sells fast food. But there is a key aspect to each of these that is incredibly important to what they sell, but is far less tangible: experience.

A lot of brands will sell you a computer or a phone, but few make the experience of buying one more memorable than Apple. From the glittering minimal design of their stores, talking to a genius, to the sound the box makes when you slide it open, the entire Apple experience has been carefully curated.

Brands are no longer valued for their product or services alone; a key differentiator is the customer experience that comes with what they sell. Experience can be a way for a brand to stand out and connect with consumers more deeply.

As part of a continuing series around Brand Religions, this new podcast episode explores why and how some brands focus on the ‘Experience Religion’. In this episode, we connect with Frank Goedertier, Marketing Professor at Vlerick Business School, and with Mauro Oretti, Vice President Marketing and Commercial at the SkyTeam airline alliance, to learn more about the growing role of experiences for brand success.

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