E8 - Auden x Responsible Financing

Podcast Auden on Responsible Financing

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘finance’? Billionaire hedge fund managers, the busy trading floors of global stock exchanges, or maybe your own mortgage and credit card debt? For many of us finance is part of the background noise of everyday life.

Yet, large portions of society are living in precarious financial situations, struggling daily to make ends meet. With limited financial options, this group often becomes reliant on expensive short-term fixes that only worsen their situation. COVID-19 exacerbated these social disparities and underlined the need for better support for such underserved communities. This is where Auden steps in, a socially responsible financial services company. What makes their approach unique is the brand’s customer-centric way of operating, using consumer insights and learnings to create and develop their offering.

In this podcast episode, we connect with Victoria Gosling OBE, current Chief Strategy Officer (Auden) and Sophie Jenkins-Anderson, Research and Experiments Lead (Auden), to hear how learning from real-life consumer experiences helps them in better serving the financially vulnerable ones.

From Consumer Intelligence to Consumer Centricity

Better Together Vol. 1: Consumer Centricity

In a world where change is inevitable, and the pace at which things change unpredictable, the ability to be responsive is the new competitive advantage. To stay relevant, brands need to surf the wave of change and build resilience by developing a collaborative mindset.

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