Be a part of the future of market research (in just 15min)

Every spring, Greenbook launches the Greenbook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) survey. A yearly initiative to help insights professionals better understand where our industry is heading to make the right decisions for your organization. As the world around us changes rapidly – and therefore our industry as well – it has become more important than ever to truly understand what is happening and what the implications are for our business and profession.
As innovation is our lifeblood, the InSites Consulting team is not only a strong supporter of GRIT, but with our dedicated ForwaR&D Lab team, we aim to stay ahead of the innovation curve. Discover how our focus on innovation helps us be a part of the future of market research and if you can spare a mere 15 minutes in the coming days, we invite you to complete the survey and give your support to innovation in our industry. We sure will!

Defining, creating and activating consumer insights

Consumer Centricity and Insight-led are major themes driving discussion in our industry. Yet many organizations struggle in taking concrete steps, especially when it comes to influencing and inspiring stakeholders or disciplines outside of marketing. Often organizations also lack common practices or definitions to really discover, build, write and ultimately activate great insights.
Is it worth it? Well, according to Kantar Vermeer’s INSIGHTS 20:20 report, 51% of business over-performers (revenue growth) indicate that insights and analytics are leading their business. This is four times greater than the score of underperforming businesses…
To help with this challenge, InSites Consulting has created a new content and learning program as part of an Insight Competence training platform. Our phygital approach to learning combines face-to-face training plus interactive digital learning via our award-winning Insight Activation Studio.

AI Chatbot puts consumer insights in your pocket

Amazon, Facebook and Apple already know it: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to stay and it will have a huge impact on our lives. Will it also impact the market research industry? Of course! And instead of fearing the inevitable, we had better talk about all the opportunities. We already see examples popping up were AI machines help with research tasks like survey design, qualitative moderation and data analysis. It will help us save time, which will allow us to focus on those parts of our jobs that are really of added value: understanding the business issues, crafting powerful consumer insights and bringing those to life in front of managers.
Now imagine that every employee within an organization could chat with a bot, a personal assistant who has answers to all their consumer questions? Through the AI-driven chatbot, employees could have direct access to all consumer research ever done. It would give them the right answer anywhere, anytime and inspire them with new insights which it believes one might need during the day. And last but not least, it could also impersonate the consumer, giving an employee the chance to have a simulated chat with their target consumer.
Starting from this dream, we created Galvin (now in private beta testing). How does it work?
Galvin is connected to a database of all sustainable consumer insights/research from the past years within an organization. By starting a conversation, one can ask Galvin to bring up consumer insights that are interesting for a specific query. Next, Galvin will use its AI power to search through the enormous database, create connections between different insights and give relevant answers to the question asked. It will not send the full PowerPoint report of a research study, but will share insights in a short, sharp and visual way.

Want to learn more on what Galvin can do for you? Read the full article via

Blending state-of-the art platforms with focus on human impact

We empower both consumers and employees to shape the future of brands on a continuous basis, blending an outside-in with an inside-out approach. We believe in the unique power of combining technology with smart human thinking to create the biggest possible impact for brands.
Via our award-winning Insight Activation Studio we bring employees together on a creative & social workplace. The Studio enables them to easily absorb relevant consumer insights, and to better act upon and collaborate through these insights, ultimately turning insights into impact.
In September 2017, we’ll launch a completely new consumer collaboration platform, called the Consumer Collaboration Square. The Square is a closed and always-on collaboration platform allowing deep exploration, agile business decision making and bottom-up listening. By uniting interesting and interest consumers on this platform we’ll empower them to shape the future or brands.

Stay tuned, as we’ll be sharing more details on the Consumer Collaboration Square in the coming months.
Blending state-of-the art platforms with focus on human impact
And finally, to wrap up, we are strong believers of open innovation, so don’t hesitate to challenge us with new ideas!

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