Mastering Consumer Centricity: Consumer Connect

Consumer Centricity Academy Module 2: Observe

Installing a direct connection with your consumers… sounds scary?
It doesn’t have to be, with our Consumer Connect training.

In this second in a series of miniblogs around our new Consumer Centricity Academy, we zoom in on the Observe module.

Module 2: Observe

When trying to deeply understand our customers, we face quite some pitfalls:

  • You are not your customer– biases can manifest themselves when one is interpreting customer data or behavior (and this also goes for researchers)
  • Customers are bad witnesses of their own behavior– yes, that’s right, not everything they tell you is the truth!
  • You are only asking questions – not observing them in their natural habitat
  • Not being where they are– it’s time to talk to customers in-context
  • Not really listening– customers are talking without you even asking questions

To overcome these and become a skilled observer, we outlined three distinct phases in Module 2 which is all about learning why and how to talk to consumers:

  1. Talking to consumers
    In the first part of the training, we teach you why and how to talk to consumers, using our ‘Release your inner OPRAH’ framework
  1.  Build a conversation guide
    Drawing on our experience as a research agency, we share the building blocks to create an impactful conversation guide and useful interview techniques
  1. Tips & tricks
    We provide concrete and practical tips & tricks, from time management to translator involvement, guidelines for selecting interviewers, and more

Learn how to truly connect with your consumers and discover how TUI and Volkswagen zoomed out to learn more. Find out how Philips discovered the truth about lighting buyers, and why many of us think chocolate in the fridge is a bad idea!

With this interactive and hands-on training, we improve your consumer-connect skills to boost the success of your Consumer Connect programs.

This blogpost is part of a miniseries on the 4 modules of our Consumer Centricity Academy.
Check out 
Parts 1 – Inspire, 3 – Insights and 4 – Activate.

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