Moderator Square: Online collaboration platform for our Global Community Moderator Network

In October 2012 we officially launched our Global Community Moderator Network, a network of freelance local moderators in over 30 countries across all continents, supporting us in the execution of our international online insight communities. The moderators are recruited based on their qualitative research experience and (more importantly) they are trained and certified in running InSites Consulting communities. In order to guarantee the highest quality possible in the most consistent way, we focus strongly on selection, training… But it does not stop there.
We want to develop strong relationships with our moderators, have them connect and share experiences with each other, and shape the future of qualitative online research together. Therefore, we have created a platform for connecting and collaborating with all members of our Global Community Moderator Network, the Moderator Square.

To give you a quick overview, this is what this Moderator Square is all about:

  • The Blog keeps our moderators posted on the new things we are working on, on tips & tricks they can use during the projects they are working on, on upcoming changes or trainings, in short: being up-to-speed at all times.
  • The Discussions corner is where we ask for their opinion and learn from them.
  • In Let’s co-create, we will discuss topics such as the impact of cultural differences on running online research communities. We are not limiting ourselves to moderation only, but also trigger a deep dive into recruitment, processes, timings, incentives etc. This co-creation community allows us to tap into the rich experience of moderators all over the world, making our research locally relevant.
  • In Your ideas, moderators can share their ideas with us, and have your colleagues vote on them. Again, those ideas can go from small operational things to big cross-border thinking!
  • The Social Corner allows everyone to connect with InSites Consulting and of course with their fellow moderators.
  • The E-learning corner gives them access to a whole range of e-trainings, including testing and homework, which will allow moderators to get and stay on top of all new methods, processes and tools, and learn it at their own convenience and pace.
  • Finally, a number of practical pages will help them in keeping an overview of their projects, finding the right links, tools and people to manage their projects in an efficient way.

The Moderator Square will allow us to learn from each other, not only during projects, but also in-between projects. It will allow us to build a continuous relationship with our moderators, and enable us to co-create the future of market research.
Similar to our core belief that consumers can act as the best consultants for companies, we believe that our moderators can help us improve our thinking and processes in an impactful and continuous way. The Moderator Square allows us to transcend time and space, discussing and collaborating with moderators all over the globe, jointly bringing community research and online qualitative research to a higher level. We are very excited about this new step in the development of our relationships with moderators and will keep you posted on the learnings we will build through this unique community of moderators!
The Moderator Square is a closed platform for members of the InSites Consulting Global Community Moderator Network only.

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