How an accident risk survey supports a new product launch for AG Insurance

A survey among 1,500 Belgian consumers on accident frequency and impact supported communication on a new accident insurance for AG Insurance

The challenge

Striving for more relevant communication, Belgian insurance company AG Insurance wanted to better understand their customers’ needs regarding accident insurance. As such, the brand wanted to get a full overview of accidents happening in the Belgian market, including information on measures people take to avoid calamities. Based on the findings, AG Insurance aimed to create PR material that could support the launch of their new accident insurance and be used long-term.

Our solution

InSites Consulting set up a national representative survey to map the frequency and impact of different types of accidents. More than 1,500 Belgian consumers were recruited, 500 of whom had been involved in at least one accident in the last three years.

Next to mapping accident characteristics such as accident type (e.g., in traffic, at work, at school, etc.), frequency, and parties involved, we explored each type in detail. For example, for traffic accidents, we looked into vehicle type involved, reason to travel, etc. On top of that, a detailed section on prevention was included to better understand what additional measures people are taking, before and after an accident.

The impact

The findings revealed that the risk of accidents in Belgium is severely  underestimated, and consumers indicated that accident solutions are missing. As such, the study findings supported the brand in developing relevant PR materials to create awareness and convince the Belgian market of the value of the brand’s accident insurance. By publishing the results in several media outlets (i.e., Het Laatste Nieuws, Het Nieuwsblad), AG Insurance succeeded in positioning itself as a leader and expert in this field.

“Market studies such as these on accidents are perfect conversation makers with the media, but they also open the doors of other stakeholders such as policy makers and distribution partners. Therefore, they contribute significantly to achieving our objectives.”

Gerrit Feyaerts, Press Relations Manager and Corporate communication at AG Insurance

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