Increasing consumer-centric thinking at Reckitt via the Consumer Centricity Academy

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Via the Consumer Centricity Academy, consumer centricity and insight writing were introduced to Reckitt professionals from around the world


The challenge

To increase the consumer centricity and the competence level of the Reckitt Marketing Teams, we collaborated on a structural training program with a special focus on defining, creating and writing powerful consumer insights to tackle concrete business challenges.

Our solution

Via our digital Consumer Centricity Academy, we trained employees in different modules:

  • What is an insight
  • The Age of Relevance: why and how can insights fuel your business
  • How to get to and write insights, providing marketers with a clear structure and step-by-step approach
  • Using insights: how to turn them into action (business case)

The sessions were fine-tuned to the realities of Reckitt in close collaboration with the global CMI team and organized with both global and local management teams. In each session, we applied the insight training to a real-life business case selected by the trained team itself. This way, Reckitt did not only get a training on how to get to insights, but also received a first set of freshly developed insights for one of their current business challenges.


The impact

The training provides Reckitt professionals around the world with an introduction to consumer centricity and insight writing.

  • 250+ Reckitt marketers and CMI managers were trained during 11 sessions across the globe from the comfort of their home office.
  • The training went 100% digital, accommodating the new ‘home-office’ reality without an effect on the average satisfaction levels (8 out of 10 average satisfaction).
  • Results of our satisfaction survey show that the training attendees have a better understanding of Consumer Centricity and Insights, and that they feel more competent to create consumer insights.


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Impact is the (new) name of the game

Impact is the (new) name of the game

Turning insights into action. Why is it that marketing research is struggling to drive impact? Are research professionals stuck in an executional role? How do we change the role of insight professionals within the organization and turn the CMI team into a valuable business partner?

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