Transforming insurance through digital journeys

Bupa HK harnessed digital workshops and research with customers during COVID-19 to establish digital journeys across the entire customer lifecycle


The challenge

In adjusting to a ‘new normal’, many Hong Kong people have had to make changes in their lives, including the insurance and healthcare services they need, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To provide better support during and beyond these challenging times, Bupa in Hong Kong faced the challenge of enhancing the accessibility of their services through a variety of digital initiatives.

To keep centred on the customer throughout this period of digital transformation, Bupa HK worked with InSites Consulting to establish digital journeys across the entire customer lifecycle.

Our solution

We first conducted a scoping workshop and stakeholder interviews to map out the customer lifecycle and prioritize up to six distinct digital journeys to further investigate. From the stakeholder sessions, we identified claims as a priority area to gain more in-depth understanding, using Customer Journey Maps (CJMs).

We talked to Bupa customers with a range of claims experience, to learn about their most recent claim. A blog helped understand participants’ medical and insurance history, and online interviews diagnosed the experience step by step.

On completion of this CJM, we moved to the next important journey, which was understanding the connections both perceptually and experientially between Bupa and its medical care provider, QHMS

The impact

For the claims journey we were able to reveal significant opportunities to not only make the process more efficient for customers, but better connected across digital touchpoints, and more empathic. HMW (How Might We) Opportunities helped the team move forward with their digital offerings and highlighted the potential for customized KEIs (key experience indicators) for future claims.

“The CJM exercise is one of the key drivers to create transformed customer experience by connecting all the dots to become an actionable plan. Starting from the scoping workshop, the InSites team CX experts guided our team leaders to have new thoughts on continuous improvement. The lively visual is a fantastic work that helps everyone get involved in the customer focus. The insights generated are well communicated to all key stakeholders, to support their strategy planning to deliver a better CX to our customers.”

Mingo Lau, Senior Manager Customer Excellence, Bupa HK ​

The Customer Journey Revolution

Create truly authentic and sustainable customer-centered experiences. How do you disrupt category conventions? How do you keep your finger on the pulse of your customers’ wants and needs? How do I use my existing resources to build a relevant and authentic customer experience?

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