How research can help brands with their mobile marketing


As smartphone usage and mobile marketing have grown exponentially over the last year, the market research industry is keeping a close eye on the ball. Mobile has changed consumer behaviour, so we are faced with numerous new opportunities and challenges. More specifically, marketeers are in need of deeper insights into what mobile can offer. This is why we invite you to join our Research in the Mobile Mindset Smartees Webinar on Tuesday 12 March, a 1-hour online session which will teach you all about how market research can help with your mobile marketing challenge.

During this Webinar, you will discover the benefits of mobile surveying and the use of mobile devices in Market Research Online Communities (MROCs). Since MROCs are a hot method in today’s qualitative research landscape, we believe mobile devices can help MROCs with what we call the ‘friends with benefits’ approach. All of this will be clarified with client cases of Kinepolis, Andres, Vodafone and many more.

Last November, this presentation received the Best Presentation Award at the ESOMAR 3D Congress, so that’s yet another reason for you to join us on 12 March! Our Smartees Webinars can be followed in four different time zones, so you can participate at the time which suits you best. All information can be found on online. Interested? Then register today and we hope to meet you in cyberspace!

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