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Magali Geens

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Magali Geens

T. +32 9 269 16 04
M. +32 497 52 35 26

Evergemsesteenweg 195
9032 Ghent

"No matter how tough the road ahead, you can always take one step more."
Latest Article
Grassroots sports marketing

From local Panini madness to global football glory

As published on Pub Magazine on June 18, 2014. Smart sports marketers around the globe and in every single country indulged themselves in the football fever. While FIFA is selling the apogee in Brazil, an unimaginably wide range of products is being sold to any man (or woman, of course!) who wants them, probably also in the aftermath of Rio. The heroes of the green pitches do not only score for their nation but also for the brands they work for.Read more

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Latest Presentation
Health Smartees Seminar 2013

Connecting with Healthcare Stakeholders Smartees Seminar

This is the full slidedeck of our Connecting with Healthcare Stakeholders Smartees Seminar of Tuesday 28 May in our Ghent office. The main focus is on how to better connect with your healthcare stakeholders by using new ways of interaction, followed by some client cases from Merck Serono and UCB.View full presentation

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