Increasing the ROI of consumer insights for Danone

Danone by InSites Consulting

Engaging and uniting Danone employees to trigger meaningful actions from consumer insights.


The challenge

Danone is a multinational food products corporation. They recently launched the Danone Manifesto Ventures, a business transformation program designed for a sustainable, collaborative and community-engaging future. This Manifesto inspired the Danone Benelux Consumer Insight Team. So they wanted to create an environment where consumer insights come to life, stimulate collaboration and catalyze bottom-up innovations. But how to engage and unite employees and how to trigger meaningful actions from consumer insights?

The Danone Activation Studio

Our solution

Together with Danone Benelux, we took on the challenge to turn insights into action across their organization. So, we developed a collaboration platform, the Danone Activation Studio, helping Danone on three levels.

  1. To improve insights through interaction and by adding own observations;
  2. To share insights (from their online insight community, Living Room and e-listening activities) with more people more rapidly;
  3. To identify their consumer insight enthusiasts across the different teams; and
  4. To ultimately increase the ROI of insights by turning them into action.

This mobile application consists of several Inspiration Walls; each starts from a business need linked to verified insights; these come from a variety of sources (e.g. consumer research, trend reports, business reports), where people can add Inspiration Tiles through observations and ideas.

The impact

Below, we provide you with an illustration of how we triggered action from an insight on the Danone Activation Studio.

The insight

Research shows that women in their 20s and early 30s take pride in perfectionism. However, many of them also struggle to find the right balance; they feel that life the way they live it takes too much energy.

From insight to action

For people to take action on a consumer insight, we first need to create empathy with that insight before entering the solution space. Also, traditional market research would include only a limited group of people in this knowledge exchange. However, the Studio involves a wider group of employees; because the theory of open innovation teaches us that the one golden idea can come from anywhere within the organization, not only marketing or innovation.

The #PERFECTIONISM 2.0 Wall on the Studio contained the above insight. Firstly, we would invite people that are interesting for the project; which would be based on their experience to post practical insights about the topic. For this topic in particular, we invited the Brand Activia Team (BAT); it consisted of people from marketing, research, trade, supply chain and category management sales. Even third-party experts were invited. This group of people already was closely involved in the new proposition of Activia; they could help start up the inspiration .

In the second wave, we would invite anyone interested in the topic or chosen based on passion. At Danone, this second group consisted of a mix of people, working for different brands and in different teams. This second wave helps break the silo-thinking within an organization; it also opens up the innovation and decision-making process in the rest of the organization.
All above stakeholders are prompted to add their own Inspiration Tiles to this #PERFECTIONISM2.0 Wall through observations and ideas, by posting photos, videos and stories. They interact and shape the Inspiration Tiles of their colleagues through comments and likes.

The action

Based on the Studio output, Danone uncovered insights that have provided opportunities for Activia to become the supporter of these agile perfectionist women. Activia is now on a mission to reinvent the meaning of perfectionism to support these women trust their guts to become better versions of themselves.

We’d love to showcase what the Studio can do for your brand. So get in touch to request your demo.

Impact is the (new) name of the game

Impact is the (new) name of the game

Turning insights into action. Why is it that marketing research is struggling to drive impact? Are research professionals stuck in an executional role? How do we change the role of insight professionals within the organization and turn the CMI team into a valuable business partner?

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