Telenet's Square allows to get to insights faster

Telenet's Square allows to get to insights faster

We generate insights on our Square, our proprietary online community platform, and turn those insights into action. Discover how Telenet fueled their innovation process through structural consumer collaboration.


The challenge

Telenet is the Belgian telco and entertainment provider within the Liberty Global group. To make sure they deliver on their value proposition, Telenet wanted to ensure that they could glean ongoing feedback from their customers to continue building on their principles of collaboration and transparency. Therefore, the provider approached InSites Consulting to make this purpose a reality.

Our solution

Telenet and the InSites Consulting team set up two ongoing hybrid online research communities on our Square platform for Telenet’s markets in Flanders and Wallonia, each constantly populated with approximately 750 to 1,000 consumers.

Telenet's square

The Square serves as an agile solution that provides different Telenet teams with a flexible and iterative collaboration with its customers, maximizing learnings over time. That is why the platform is used for all kinds of research challenges, strategic or very tactical; it proves to be a vehicle which gets to insights faster, without compromising on value for money.​

One of the core programs that ran over time was the development of the new telco and entertainment bundle ‘YUGO’. This innovative offer combines internet, mobile and entertainment options in one pack, aiming at digital-savvy consumers. The key to successful research was a speedy and iterative approach; thus Telenet could test, learn and adapt rapidly in its innovation process. Therefore, we guided the innovation track with immersive picture and video diaries, idea and MVP (minimum viable product) testing, go-to-market insight generation and communication pre-testing.​

The impact

In the past 18 months, Telenet launched over 40 research studies on the Square; this averages a pace of two or more studies a month. These delivered results for tactical challenges within a working week or even faster; at the same time, they are handling profound strategic challenges in cycles of three to four weeks.​

During the pilot testing of the new YUGO offer, we learned that the offer had some great potential; but there also still was a gap in the market for some target groups. Based on insighting rounds on the current adoption of the product, Telenet decided to market a mid-tier version. So, the Square was the platform to test this in an iterative way.​

This approach was fast and iterative. As a result, Telenet launched both offers in only 6 months’ time, carrying the YUGO brand name. ​

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