Gen Z x Brands [AU infographic]

Gen Z is an activist generation, which is translated in their expectations towards brands. But what exactly do they want from brands? Is a focus on sustainability enough to satisfy this woke generation, or do they expect more?

The following infographic – based on data from proprietary quantitative research amongst 1,075 consumers (458 Gen Z, 212 Gen Y, 194 Gen X and 211 baby boomers) in Australia – highlights what this generation expects from brands.

Gen Z x Brands AU Infographic

Gen Z is an activistic generation and they expect the same from brands, with 43% of them wanting brands to challenge social issues. To make their voices heard, European Gen Zers vote with their wallet: they are willing to pay more for brands that try to have a positive impact on society (63%), treat employees and suppliers fairly (62%), run their business sustainably (57%), and use inclusive practices (56%). Growing up against the backdrop of social upheaval, this generation is all about empowering the female and black community. In fact, they are willing to pay more for brands that are female-owned (38%) or black-owned (35%). Sustainability is also high on their agenda. 44% believes that brands that don’t communicate about sustainability are not sustainable, showing this generation’s call for radical transparency. 39% even refuses to buy from non-sustainable brands.

Gen Z’s expectations towards brands go beyond sustainability efforts. 52% is willing to pay more for brands that have a sense of humour and playfulness. When considering a purchase, they pay attention to personalization & co-creation (45%) but realize this comes at a cost. As such, 75% is willing to pay for personalized experiences with their data.


So, what does this mean for brands? Brands can win Gen Z’s heart by showing they understand what this generation care about, providing a personalized playful experience, whilst pursuing social and environmental impact.

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