Gen Z inspiration & workshops

Joeri Van den Bergh

Looking for a fresh dose of inspiration for your company’s marketing, innovation or insight teams? We offer different presentation and workshop format to do just that.


Are you ok Zoomers? by Joeri Van den Bergh (NextGen & Sustainability Expert) transforms fresh proprietary Gen Z data and insights into 5 future-proof platforms for innovation, branding and marketing.

Our interactive presentation and workshop formats can be fully customized to your region, target group or sector. Fueled with a large scale new quant research among 4 generations and exemplified with up-to-date and relevant illustrations, we provide 5 key aspects to connect better with the marketing-savvy Generation Z.

Do you want to find out whether Gen Z loves brands that are exclusive (trendy, innovative) or inclusive (sustainable, caring) or both? How they look at career, money and success? Who are their role models? Is the metaverse really their new hangout place and are NFTs the new magic mushrooms?

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Ready for the Zoomers - Gen Z report

Ready for the Zoomers?

Gen Z are the digitally native generation: social-media-literate, always-on and hyper-informed. With many Gen Zers coming of age during the pandemic, the past two years put a mark on their lives and outlook on the future. In this report, we shed a light on what makes Gen Z different from the generations before them and what they expect from brands.

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