Thought leadership

In need for some inspiration, thought-provoking content to inspire teams or fuel your workshops? We proudly share our know-how, expertise and work on the future of marketing, generations and research via exclusive thought-provoking presentations, interactive content and award-winning books.

Here’s a flavor of our award-winning thought leadership which has inspired brands and marketers across the globe:

Discover the future consumer

Is your brand ready for the next consumer (generation)? Spark your brand strategy, ideation workshops and team brainstorms with inspiration on the future consumer. ​ Mixing illustrative case studies with proprietary research insights, we bring to life the latest consumer trends and insights brands need to embrace in this new consumer reality.​

Explore the future of research

Change is the only constant and this also counts for market research.​ From insight generation to insight activation, from human creativity to AI, we bring thought-provoking stories offering food for thought to take your research forward!