Gen Z x Mental well-being [AU infographic]

Mental well-being is becoming a hallmark of Gen Z. But why is the post-Millennial so stressed? And did the pandemic add to their mental struggles?

Dive into our Gen Z x mental well-being infographic to discover why this generation is stressed-out and what this means for brands. The data in this infographic is based on proprietary quantitative research amongst 1,075 consumers (458 Gen Z, 212 Gen Y, 194 Gen X and 211 baby boomers) in Australia.

Gen Z x Mental well-being AU Infographic

In Australia, 46% of Gen Z feel stressed, with their mental health (56%), studies/ job (49%), and financial worries (47%) being core stressors. Another 37% say comparing themselves to others generates stress, and 27% feel stressed due to the pandemic. This results in a ‘confidence crisis’, with 53% of Australian Gen Z indicating they often lack self-assurance.

The pandemic caused a lot of turbulence in this generation’s journey towards adulthood; it not only had a financial impact (53%), but it also disrupted their education or job prospects (19%). Yet, this generation also shows resilience in dealing with the global health crisis. 50% say the pandemic was a moment to re-evaluate life, and 48% see it as an opportunity to create a new and better normal. More than any other generation, they perceive it as a fresh start and use this time to focus on personal growth (33%) and learning new skills (33%).

So, what does this mean for brands? Gen Z expects brands to take on the role of a life coach, supporting them in prioritizing their mental health and encouraging discussions around the topic.

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