Gen Z x Metaverse [AU infographic]

77% of Australian Gen Z has engaged in metaverse activities. But what do they do in this forthcoming virtual space? Do they only see the bright side of the digital world? What is the role of offline (interactions) and how do these two worlds come together?

This infographic shows how this post-Millennial generation engages with online world, and what this means for brands. The data in this infographic is based on proprietary quantitative research amongst 1,075 consumers (458 Gen Z, 212 Gen Y, 194 Gen X and 211 baby boomers) in Australia.

Gen Z x Metaverse AU Infographic

Gen Z are true digital natives, and 77% of them has engaged in metaverse activities. Participating in online gaming (44%), watching other people game on platforms like Twitch (27%), creating an avatar (25%), watching e-sports (21%), connecting with (virtual) friends using avatars (19%), or paying for digital items for avatars (18%), nothing is extraordinary to them. Yet, this generation is not naïve and is aware of ‘the good’ and ‘the bad’ of the digital world. When it comes to the good, 38% believes that everyone is equal in a virtual world, and 40% has online friends they have never met face-to-face. On the other hand, they do feel the pressure caused by social media, with 50% trying to show the best version of themselves online. Data privacy is also a concern, with 45% distrusting how social media companies are using their data. Despite the friendships Gen Z build and maintain online, they also look beyond the screen. 53% of this generation says the pandemic made them realize the importance of in-person interaction, and 34% tries to limit their smartphone use.

So, what does this mean for brands? Gen Z embrace brands that are present in the metaverse, but also enjoy offline interactions. The future will be about creating exciting experiences that seamlessly integrate the online and offline worlds.

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