You are a consumer. We all are. But we’re also people. And people, well, we’re complicated. Why do we want what we want? What makes us to buy what we buy? Is it just price or is it social pressure? Is it convenience? Is it sex appeal? My job is figuring that out.

Farrell Styers I’m Farrell Styers, a social researcher, stats nerd, and now a podcast producer. I’ve spent the last decade helping governments understand what people think about the job they’re doing, I’ve helped charities learn about the people they serve, and now as a researcher at InSites Consulting, I help businesses understand their customers. And my new show, a Penny for Your Thoughts, explores the huge industry built around understanding what people want and why.

We’ll talk to sociologists and psychologists about the science behind measuring perception. We’ll talk to companies who have succeeded and some who have failed to understand what their customers need. We’ll see how advances in technology are changing the way research is done and explore what it’s like to participate in it. In short, we’ll cover pretty much every aspect of market research and provide insights into why it is important to understand what makes people tick. We’ll see how this research can help make businesses better and their customers happier.

A Penny for Your Thoughts. The podcast about what people want and why. Check out our trailer and subscribe via

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